#18 Galvanized Insulation Line Wire, 3.5 lb Coil



From The Manufacturer

Duct tape outside and bottom of coil. Remove (2) tie wires from coil. Pull line wire from inside of coil. Fasten one end of wire and stretch to other end of area to be insulated. Pull tight and fasten other end. Fasten in between for support.


  • Premium, Galvanized Wire, Soft, Regular Coat per ASTM A641
  • BOF Steelmaking (pure, no scrap)
  • Diameter: #18 (.0475 in) +/- .002 in
  • Tensile strength: 38-40 kgf/mm2
  • Zinc Coating Weight: 25-30 g/m2
  • Lot traceability
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