Western Steel & Wire #16 Black Annealed – 5 lb Plastic Spool




Not all wire is the same. This is our premium Black Annealed wire, made from BOF steelmaking that is pure, no scrap, with minimal impurities for consistent and minimal variation in tensile that is softer, with excellent bendability and resistance to breakage. Ergo, less labor time and less wrist injuries, i.e., carpal tunnel. The majority of wire sold in the US is EAF with up to 100 % scrap. This wire is also Clean and Dry, no oil, so nothing rubs off on your hands during handling. Western Steel & Wire is the only known source for this material.


  • Premium, Black Annealed Wire, per ASTM A641
  • BOF Steelmaking (pure, no scrap)
  • Diameter: #16 (.0625 in) +/- .002 in
  • Tensile strength: 36 40 kgf/mm2
  • Metal Spool Dimensions (in): 5 x 3 x 1.875 x .758 Hole
  • Lot traceability
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