Western Steel & Wire 24 Inch Insulation Support, 100/box


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SKU: 24 Inch IS Wire

From The Manufacturer

This is our premium quality, insulation supports for securing roll and batt type insulation between 16 inch wood joists. The insulation supports are straighten and cut from carbon-steel wire for superior flexibility and tensile strength. Angled tips on both ends of the wire, dig into wood joists to quickly and permanently secure the insulation in place.


  • Carbon-steel wire per ASTM A510
  • Tensile strength:>90 ksi
  • Diameter: #14 (.080 in) +/- .001
  • Actual Length: 23-1/2 in
  • Lot traceability
  • Weight1.68 lbs
    Dimensions1.91 × 2.54 × 60.96 in
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