WESTERN STEEL & WIRE New Patented Sign Rider Pins for Stacking Corrugated Signs (Without Rounded Ends, 50)


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Introducing our patented sign rider Pins (5 x 0.84) inches, the perfect solution for securely stacking two or more yard signs – Crafted with galvanized wire, featuring a hard, regular coat per ASTM A764 and a zinc coating of 25 – 30 g/m2, these pins offer exceptional rigidity and protection against rust and corrosion – Compatible with 4 mm or 5 mm corrugated plastic signs, they provide flexibility for various signage needs – The pins feature two support legs for quick and secure insertion into the flutes of the signage, guaranteeing a stable and unified blend of the stacked signs – With a diameter of #9 (.1483″) +/- .001 in and a tensile strength exceeding 200 ksi, our Layering Pins are built to withstand the demands of outdoor use – Invest in our reliable and reusable pins and elevate your signage game to the next level

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Dimensions2 × 6 × 8 in
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